Magic Bullet-approved salad dressing

December 2, 2009 —

Does freshly made honey basil salad dressing sound yummy to you? Wait until you try it!

I got this recipe from attending the Holistic Medicine Club’s presentation, “Living Raw with Sheree Clark.” Although I can’t really say I’m all about the vegan diet, this dressing sure makes me want to give it a try. Check out Sheree’s website or

What you’ll need: a blender or the famous Magic Bullet smoothie maker

A whole bunch of fresh basil
1 cup        extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup    (raw if desired) apple cider vinegar (be careful, smell is strong!)
1/2 cup    (raw) honey (extra if you like it sweeter)
1 tsp          yellow mustard powder
1 tsp          salt to taste

Blend and viola! Keeps in fridge for 1 week.

Tea Nguyen is a dual degree D.P.M./M.P.H. student at DMU. She was born in Utah but raised in California and left the great state to be at one of the best podiatry school in the country.

She has aspirations in international medical service trips and hopes to hit several continents during this lifetime. Traveling is also on the top of her to-do list and she often reminisces about her prior travels to Italy, France and Greece. She also enjoys eating adventures with her boyfriend Paul and is a major food-snacker. It is not uncommon to find her lapsed in a food coma in the middle of her studies.


  • bratz dress up games

    I might actually try this recipe myself ;)

  • Sheree Clark

    Thanks for the post, Tea. By the way, all are welcome/invited to join our MeetUp group, and attend the day-long Raw Food 101: Heating without Heating class I am doing this Saturday from 10:00-4:00. (If you liked the honey mustard basil dressing, just wait’ll you see what else I have up my sleeve!) Go to

  • Wisconsin Dells Hotels

    I love the Magic Bullet. Great recipe BTW. Thanks.

  • Lory Sanchez

    I found this great raw honey for sale online. My favorite is the cold packed creamy wildflower and I think it would be perfect in this recipe.

  • Wisconsin Dells

    wow! this is something new to me..gotta make it at home. nice blog! truly magical..