Birthday bonanza, round 2

December 1, 2009 —

Happy Birthday seems to be the most used phrase lately in the PA neck of the woods. Last Monday, November 23, was a very special birthday for one of our PA faculty and once again, we had a good time! Pam Chambers (if you don’t know her…you should because she rocks) turned 50, so of course we had to celebrate.

My class threw together a little surprise party which was a blast. Our cover story was a class potluck that we invited the PA faculty to. The party included more food than imaginable (potluck style, of coarse), birthday cake, ice cream and presents. Each person in my class, plus a few others, brought a gift totaling 50 gifts she had to open. Let’s just say there were some hilarious gifts given and thank goodness Mrs. Chambers was such a trooper. Of course we made her wear anything wearable she got (hence the bright red lips from some smokin’ red lip stick in the picture…don’t worry that’s not her normal color!)

pam bday

Some of the presents were things she actually liked but most were a mockery of age. After all the presents were opened, and the room was a little messy, we wrapped things up with a slide show of the greatest things from 1959. I am pretty sure Mrs. Chambers had a great time and it was fun to celebrate such an important birthday with her.

The birthday bonanza sadly is coming to a close for a while but don’t worry—in one month this old girl turns another year older and I am ready to have myself a good time!!!!

Daley Dodd was born and raised in the little ol’ town of Newton, IA. Growing up involved sports, dance, clubs and anything under the sun that could keep the family busy. This busy bee life flowed over into her college years at Northwest Missouri State University. She was a member of the Northwest Dance team, taught dance at a local studio, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority and involved in Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). After college Daley journeyed on over to Europe and had the time of her life. While there she worked for CCC and got to experience new cultures, foods and people. After a year abroad her cravings for American food got the best of her and she came home. After living in Nebraska a year she decided to jump back on the school ship and came to DMU. She has loved her experience here so far and can’t wait for everything to come.


  • Barb

    Daley, if the PA thing doesn’t work out – which I’m confident it will – you could always consider a career in humorous writing. Or party planning! Great posts!

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    Wow..that’s an amazing party.Thanks for sharing the details with the readers.You guys had lotsa fun and that’s evident in the picture.Look forward to more such posts from you.

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    Wow what great times and makes me wish I was in school again. The group shot is awesome and with all those bright faces and large smiles really shows how successful the party was. Great job and keep up the informative posts!


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    What a great sounding party, where it looks like everyone had a lot of fun. It makes it all the worth while in the planning and preparation when the party works out like this.

    Ah, you don’t look that old, remember it is just a number that someone came up with. The important thing to remember is as long as you are happy and healthy in life who cares what our age is!