Des Moines makes my job too easy

November 19, 2009 —

See, it’s my job to tell you how much Iowa  rocks an sometimes that job includes merely collecting news articles from others about how much Des Moines rocks. So, enjoy this:

MSN says Des Moines is the NUMBER ONE most-livable bargain market! That is based on average house cost, culture, outdoor rec options, commute, unemployment, great community, etc.

Drake University’s 515 Magazine has this nice piece on some of the area’s great hang-out coffee shops. (Click on the “Productive places” story.)

There’s also great info on the Downtown Des Moines Facebook page or the Des Moines Is NOT Boring Facebook page.

Courtney Tompkins has been part of the DMU marketing team since Nov. 2005 and loves promoting a school she believes in so thoroughly. Proud daughter and patient of DMU alumni, Courtney knows, first-hand, that Des Moines University is doing a world of good. A fan of all outdoor festivals, fruity drinks and nearly all edibles, she has a hard time narrowing down her list of favorite places to go and things to do but lists the Iowa State Fair as an all-time fave. She loves her 8-minute commute to DMU from Urbandale, a suburb of Des Moines. She and husband Tyler are owned by three large dogs, Tonka, Tucker and Tank.


  • Desmoinesisnotboring

    Hey, Thanks for the Pub Courtney. Just to clarify, Desmoinesisnotboring is independant from any specific group within Des Moines. Just me and a friend of mine working to the same end as you.

    Pete Jones

  • admin

    Pete —
    I knew that, d’oh! Bad typo; sorry! I fixed it!!

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