Friday recipe: healthy pumpkin cake

Looking for a healthy way to enjoy seasonal goodies? Add a can of pumpkin to a cake mix for a simple, low-fat dessert. The result is a super moist cake that doesn’t even need frosting. Yum! Ingredients 1 box cake mix (chocolate, spice or vanilla) 1 can of pumpkin puree (not pie filling) water Directions: […]

— Andrea Cooley

A Minnesotan’s point of view

I hate when people are so shocked Des Moines rocks. Of course it does. Do people really come here expecting a few buildings in a corn field?! We have a city, people. We don’t all farm. And those that do farm aren’t like the hicks you see in movies. They’re high-tech. This is 2009, after […]

— Courtney Tompkins

New endowed scholarship for CPMS students

Bradley Bakotic, D.O., D.P.M., and Bako Pathology recently presented the DMU College of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery with a generous gift. The gift begins an endowed scholarship for third- and fourth-year D.P.M. students who have shown excellence in pathology.

— Courtney Tompkins

Flashback time…

So it’s been the week of test for about every program here at DMU. First year D.O., D.P.M. & D.P.T.s  have their head and neck anatomy test, second-year D.O.s  have quite a few exams and my PA class has two exams this week as well. The library is packed and people are stressed (or going […]

— Daley Dodd

Ghoulish treats!

Oh this beautiful-breezy-fresh-air-cool-fall-pumpkin-spiced weather makes me want to bake pumpkin! I found this recipe at and it is so easy to make. Although it’s called a cookie, it has more of the consistency of bread. Top off the fun with colored frosting and add some nuts if you fancy. I made a whole lot […]

— Tea Nguyen

Senior Health Fair update

Every year thus far the flu and pnuemonia vaccines have been available at the DMU Senior Health Fair Nov. 7. Because our supplier, Polk County Health Department, is now out of vaccines, it is unlikely that they will be available this year, Nov. 7, at the fair. The Department has canceled all upcoming flu clinics […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Uncork a cure!

DMU is playing host to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s annual Wine Opener event Friday, November 6. From 7 to 10 p.m., enjoy food, beer and wine and mingle with friends. This is sure to be a great networking event AND it’ll help raise $$ for a good cause! You can go to and buy […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Physical therapy grad inspires others to persevere

When the Iowa Games began in 1987, Cindy Hauber was poolside, ready to compete in the 200-meter freestyle. Although it was her first swim competition and she had “no idea how swim meets were run,” the ’05 graduate of DMU’s D.P.T. program won the race. She went on to compete in the Iowa Games’ swim […]

— Barb Boose

Make a statement with your plate?

I love trying to figure out the shorthand in people’s custom license plates. (Yes, I hear your dork alert going off. Who cares; I’m a word nerd.) So I’ve enjoyed seeing some clever DMU-related plates. And if you’ve been creeped out by someone snapping a photo of your car, no worries, it was probably just […]

— Courtney Tompkins

A problem in paradise…

Every place has its ups and downs, even the paradise that is Hawaii where I’m on rotation. After dealing with what is pictured at right, I started to wonder: “Is it better to deal with snow for a couple months or these little treats year round?” One might be (foolishly) quick to answer, “roaches, of […]

— Kendall Conder

Friday recipe: oatmeal

When it starts to get cold out I turn to classic comfort foods to keep me warm. My current favorite is a big bowl of oatmeal full of nuts and dried fruit. Usually I settle for heating up a pack of instant oatmeal, but if I have time it’s worth it to make it from […]

— Andrea Cooley

Top jobs – you could have one!

A list of top jobs by CNN  Money recently included physician assistants, physical therapists and physicians. Luckily we can help you get into those fields! CNN Money also picked physical therapist as the #2 least stressful job, based on a survey of the career field. Here’s our pages for each of those programs. Be a… […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Is anyone eBooking?

I wrote about Audio Booking before and that was sadly short lived. How about eBooking? I saw this interesting article regarding e-books and your brain. I personally still prefer used books at discount prices. Does anyone have a Amazon’s Kindle and just loves it?

— Tea Nguyen

H1N1 update from Polk County

Polk County Health Department, like all other health agencies around the country, must adjust its plans for distributing the H1N1 vaccine because of a significantly smaller supply than what was originally projected. Following the guidance of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP), Polk County Health will temporarily […]

— Courtney Tompkins

What can DMU do for you?

So, I’m in Hawaii. Yeah, exactly. It’s awesome. I’d like to say it’s terrible and I’m having a bad time and the weather isn’t cooperating but that’d be a lie. It’s phenomenal and I’m having a wonderful time and it’s 85 and sunny every… single… day. I’m in Honolulu for October, November, and December busy […]

— Kendall Conder

It’s breast cancer awareness month!

It’s October so you’ve probably seen countless pink ribbons adorning everything from t-shirts to coffee cups. Breast cancer awareness is very important and I believe it’s an issue that has touched everyone in some way. Perhaps you’re able to run or walk in the Komen Race for the Cure Saturday, Oct. 24 in Des Moines. […]

— Courtney Tompkins

It’s punkin-time!!!

It sounds like this week will be pretty nice considering the season, anyway…  A few chances for rain but highs in the 60s until Thursday. So, before it turns too cold, you should definitely take time to visit a pumpkin patch! The one my family usually goes to is Williamson’s Pumpkin Paradise, 4012 NE 62nd […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Our wellness program rocks!!

Whether you’re a student or staff member you are probably well aware of how many wellness opportunities we have. For those of you in the community or considering attending DMU, check out the following video. Please note that we now have the Platinum Well Workplace status – the first & only university in the country […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Des Moines University President Terry Branstad retires

DMU board of trustees names interim president (Des Moines, Iowa) – At noon today in a private session, Des Moines University President Terry E. Branstad announced his retirement to students, staff and faculty. Effective immediately, he is now free to pursue the possibility of running for public office. He had been president and CEO of […]

— Courtney Tompkins