Cookin’ up a storm!

July 27, 2009 —

Kendall in the kitchen

Kendall in the kitchen

I like to cook.

When I say I like to cook, really I mean cater because I don’t like to cook for myself and I don’t really like to cook for two… I like cooking for parties of 10 or more. I recently set a record and cooked a three-course meal for thirty people.

My apartment was cramped but I finally solved the question, “How many people can I fit in my living room?” Something that had really been weighing on me and obviously a way more important question than anything like “How long should I leave a TENS unit on a patient?”

Nothing makes me happier than filling my house and feeding people. So stop me in the hall and let me know when I can cook for you. My only request is you bring twenty friends.



  • Barb

    Favorite recipes, please, Kendall – I have a book club to feed in the coming weeks!

  • Andrea Cooley

    These desserts look amazing! You can bake for the marketing department any time!

  • Koby

    Yeah, the desserts look wonderful. I like to eat so we would match well. :)

  • Lyla Rye

    I’m feeling really starving now after seeing it. I wish I can just take it from my monitor and eat it. Yawn!

  • DaBee

    Hey Kendall, looks like you’re my cookin’ twin as I feel exactly the same regarding baking for others for instance !