What is OMM?

June 15, 2009 —

Dr. Klock doing OMM
Dr. Klock doing OMM

OMM – if you’ve been looking into medical schools, you surely have heard of this but may still wonder what exactly it IS. And if you’re reading this as a member of the public, you may have wondered whether it’s a treatment that’d work for you.

So, OMM (also called OMT) is short for osteopathic manual medicine – is non-invasive, hands-on therapy used to diagnose, treat and even prevent illness or injury. It is central to osteopathic medicine’s philosophy of treating the whole person, not just symptoms. The goal is pain-free movement and overall health.Training in OMM is one of DMU’s many strengths.We even have a one-year OMM fellowship program. D.O.s provide patients with all the procedures and techniques of medicine, including in specialty areas, but OMM is an additional dimension of care.

Osteopathic Finish Line
Osteopathic Finish Line

We also have a department of OMM in the Des Moines University Clinic. The docs in this clinic are OMM experts and teachers. One such ardent OMM advocate is Dr. G. Bradley Klock, who brings his expertise and passion for osteopathic manual medicine (OMM) to students as well as patients. Chair of the OMM department, Dr. Klock was drawn to osteopathic medicine when a serious automobile accident impaired his ability to walk. His stepfather, an osteopathic physician, gave him OMM treatments that eliminated both the impairment and the pain he’d suffered.

“OMM helps a person’s body function to its best potential. It expands what we can bring to our patients,” Dr. Klock says. “By addressing any mechanical problems of the body, patients can breathe better, sleep better, utilize their energy more effectively and stay active and healthy.”

A DMU graduate and Fellow of the American Academy of Osteopathy, Dr. Klock enjoys working with patients and students as a member of DMU’s top-quality team of osteopathic physicians. “We have tremendous talent in OMM and in the DMU Clinic,” he says. “There is no doubt this is the very best OMM department in the country.”

Dr. Klock also helps supervise the Osteopathic Finish Line, a group of students who provide OMM to athletes after local Des Moines-area races.

Courtney Tompkins has been part of the DMU marketing team since Nov. 2005 and loves promoting a school she believes in so thoroughly. Proud daughter and patient of DMU alumni, Courtney knows, first-hand, that Des Moines University is doing a world of good. A fan of all outdoor festivals, fruity drinks and nearly all edibles, she has a hard time narrowing down her list of favorite places to go and things to do but lists the Iowa State Fair as an all-time fave. She loves her 8-minute commute to DMU from Urbandale, a suburb of Des Moines. She and husband Tyler are owned by three large dogs, Tonka, Tucker and Tank.


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    automobile accidents can impair, and vary different functions, causing an altered life, I commend anyone dealing with such a debacle, and regularly enjoy helping those in need may the be just words of encouragement. MR. Dr. Klock – great contribution

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    OMM, I must commend, maintaining health, and fitness through osteopathic medicine is of great importance. Identifying mechanical problems in joints, and other parts of the body can prevent major injury…great post…