First Blog from DMU

February 1, 2007 —

I am happy to be posting the first DMU blog and hope that you find these insightful and useful (maybe not this first one) as I continue to do so at least once per week.

I will keep all friends up on events that DMU is having on campus and that we will be attending while out on the road. I will also highlight news and programs that I hope you will link to to learn more about all the things happening with our students.

I will also be telling you what I am listening to as I blog because I am likely to always be listening to something when I post these. Enjoy!


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    But aren’t you afraid to keep all you money in elecronic version? Hackers today are capable to jailbreak any system. Of course that’t convenient, but there are also still “only cash” places.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Here is an interesting article on Dwolla vs Paypal Sadly Dwolla is not National yet (only in 2 States) The CEO of Dwolla says they are working on a National roll out