Kathy Mercuris

Kathy Mercuris
Associate Professor Doctor of Physical Therapy
Physical Therapist (limited availability) Physical Therapy Clinic
Groups and committees
Office Phone 515-271-1734
Fax 515-271-7078
Email kathy.mercuris@dmu.edu
  • NDT Trained for Adult Hemiplegia
  • D.H.S., University of Indianapolis
  • MGS, Drake University
  • PT, Northwestern University

2011 research

Decreased balance and falls are a primary health concern for those with a neurologic dysfunction and/or the older population. My research focuses on clinical measures to assess balance and gait parameters as they relate to functional performance. Several projects are focusing on the use of a portable mat system to measure gait and the ability to complete a 180 degree turn.

2010 research

Balance and falls are a problem for both the well elderly and individuals with central nervous system lesions (stroke, head injury). Our research focuses on how gait and balance can be measured in the clinic and the impact poor balance has upon the quality of life.