Jordan Williams

Class: Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies – Class of 2014

What advice would you like to share with prospective students?

I would suggest taking a great Human Physiology course. A great background in physiology will help with all aspects of PA school. I also suggest applying early! Des Moines University uses rolling admissions so the earlier you get your application in the better your chances are of hearing back early from DMU.

Why do you want to be a PA?

I want to be a PA because of my love for preventative medicine and patient education. As a PA you have the opportunity to develop great patient relationships. To add to that I have never met a PA who doesn’t love their job!

What are your extracurricular activities?

I am a Student Ambassador which gives me the opportunity to meet with prospective students and tell them why Des Moines University is a great place to be! I am also class historian which means that I get to attend all kinds of fun activities outside of the classroom and take pictures to document all of our fun!

Why did you choose DMU?

The facilities are state-of-the-art. When choosing a PA program it was very important to me that I would come out of that program being a well-trained PA. Des Moines University has all of the tools that I think are necessary to develop an outstanding care provider. Des Moines University also wants us to practice what we preach. What I mean by that is in order to tell our patients that they need to live a healthy active lifestyle we as PA students should also be living healthy active lifestyles. DMU provides a top notch workout facility so that we can achieve this.

What are your career objectives?

I love preventative medicine and Women’s health so I would love to work in a Women’s health setting where I can help to educate women on ways to improve their quality of life.

What is your favorite thing about Des Moines?

The family friendly atmosphere! Honestly it is hard to explain until you experience it for yourself but Des Moines has the friendliest people I have ever met. It doesn’t matter what you need you can always find someone who is willing to help you.

What do you do when you’re not studying?

The time that I don’t spend studying I like to use to enjoy activities around Des Moines. I have attended ICUBs games, the Farmer’s Market, Zoo Brew, Gray’s Lake and other weekend activities that Des Moines has to offer.

In what way is DMU family friendly?

Des Moines University as a whole is always ready to help you out in any way that you may need including student services and student counseling that are always there if you are ever in need of some assistance. They really go above and beyond to provide the support that a PA student needs to be successful.

Were you surprised by anything in the program?

At first I was a little caught off guard by how strenuous the program was but then I developed a routine and got into the swing of things and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going! It is very important to develop great study skills so that you can keep up with the fast pace of PA school.