Gaddy Noy

Gaddy Noy
Student Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Hometown: Boulder, CO
Undergrad School: University of Colorado at Boulder
Major: Integrative Physiology
Age: 24
Class: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine – Class of 2014

Were you surprised by anything in the program?

The amount of support that we receive from professors has been great. They have an open-door policy and are happy to get to know you. I also have been surprised at how helpful the students have been at offering tips and advice.

Any advice for prospective students?

Ask questions! Talk to current students, get to know your advisor/professors and make sure to set aside time in the day for you! Medical school is a big investment and you want to ask all you can so you have the ability to make the best decisions for yourself.

What was the best advice you’ve ever received?

Put things in perspective. Do the best you can and make sure to maintain your sense of self during this program since it can seem overwhelming at times.

Why do you want to be a doctor of osteopathic medicine?

Being a D.O. allows me to learn the full-scope of medicine as well as being confident in manual medicine. Osteopathic medicine has made me feel much more comfortable touching people and my belief is that physicians should help diagnose not only with their mind but with the power of touch. Medicine is more than a diagnosis, it’s about how comfortable a patient feels and DMU provides me the additional skills to provide the best care for my patients.

Extracurricular activities:

I enjoy going to the gym, keeping in touch with friends and family, yoga in the park and the farmer’s market.

Why DMU?

The friendly atmosphere and community was a very large draw. The program is well-known and I felt the school would prepare me well for a career in medicine. I heard great things about the program before entering and could tell when I interviewed how well put-together the school is.

Career objectives:

My dream job changes every day, however I know whatever it is will allow me to practice medicine here in the U.S. while doing a lot of international work as I enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures.

Favorite thing about Des Moines:

The city has a lot of great places to eat and has a quite a bit of trails that are fun to walk or run around.