Deborah Edelman-Blank

Deborah Edelman-Blank
Counselor Student Counseling Center
Office Phone 515-271-1618

Dr. Deborah Edelman-Blank is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has worked at DMU since 2009.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies and Political Science from Vassar College and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Deborah has worked in university counseling centers for more than 10 years as a clinician, clinical supervisor, and clinical technology coordinator. She has expertise working with students on academic concerns, helping students to improve their skills to achieve success in their educational pursuits.  Her clinical interests include: multicultural competence, therapeutic humor, LGBTIQ affirmative counseling, religion/spirituality, white identity development and couples counseling.  Deborah describes herself as an integrative therapist incorporating feminist, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, and Gestalt theories and interventions. She utilizes the principles of positive psychology frequently in her work, following the view of Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who stated, “Treatment is not just fixing what is broken.  It is nurturing what is best.”