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Meetings are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from September through April, starting at 7:00 p.m. and ending at 9:00 p.m. Meetings are held in Lecture Hall 1 in the Academic Center on the Des Moines University campus (see campus map and driving directions).

2013-2014 Exploring Post meetings

September 10

Kick off meeting! Welcome! This will be the first meeting of the year and EVERYONE is invited to attend! There will be introductions, information, an application packet, as well as a program. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend this introductory meeting.

Program: Get a firsthand look at being a doctor! Current DMU medical students will be assisting us for the evening and will be able to walk you through what got them to this place in their medical career, show you ‘What’s in a doctor’s bag?’, and much more. Hope to see you there, and bring your friends!!

September 24

Dr. Mike Zeller from Iowa State University will present tonight’s program. Dr. Zeller is an excellent presenter and will break down DNA, its extraction, and even give students a hands-on opportunity to take part. Business for the evening will be registering those students coming to Post for the first time and discussing officer opportunities and elections.

October 8

Live! From the Heart. Founded by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL, this program features a video of an actual open heart surgery. Each student will receive a Student Investigation Packet and will take the journey with the patient through the eyes of the cardiologist. Not for the squeamish!

October 22

Physical Therapy – We’ll have faculty and current students from DMU’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program on campus to share information about the career of physical therapy.  There will be demonstrations of physical therapy techniques and exercises, discussions about the profession, and Q/A sessions with current students and faculty.  In addition, we will demonstrate DMU’s Human Performance Lab (HPL) – a 3-D motional analysis lab located in the DMU PT clinic.  The HPL allows students and faculty to record human movement in a three dimensional space, while also collecting data on ground reaction forces and muscle exertion.  The lab is used for teaching, research and patient diagnosis.

November 12

Podiatry- When most people think of podiatry, they think ‘feet’. There is SO much more to being a podiatrist than just feet. We’ll be spotlighting this unique and fascinating health occupation tonight with 2 hands on activities. First, students will get the chance to learn about casting techniques and even try them out themselves in the orthotic casting lab. Second, the group will learn about what a podiatrist really is, view a procedure, and make incision markings on one another.

November 26

No meeting due to Thanksgiving break.

December 10

Tonight’s meeting will be our last meeting until after the holidays. We will meet again on January13, 2014. The December 10th meeting will be a presentation by two local herbalists who work to provide health care using natural herbs, plants, teas, etc. They will share about their years of experience as practitioners of herbal and natural medicines.

December 24

No meeting due to the Christmas Eve holiday.

January 14

There will be no meeting tonight due to presenter cancellation.

January 28

Anatomy: The Chair of the Anatomy department at Des Moines University, Dr. Donald Matz, will be organizing a presentation about human anatomy.  Current medical students will assist in showing the Exploring Post preserved organ specimens, bones, and cadavers.  We will get to visit the anatomy labs at DMU and see what medical students do during their gross anatomy coursework – and why dissection of human cadavers is such a critical part of the education process for future healthcare providers.

February 11

Public Health: Bugs, Bats, & Brats! Tonight we will be hearing from two public health professionals about infectious diseases and healthy eating and from a public health vet who will be speaking about bats and rabies to exemplify what they do and what their role is in the community. (Please note: this meeting will take place in the Student Education Center Auditorium located down the long hallway from the usual Lecture Halls. Advisors will be on hand to direct students where to go).

February 25

Pharmacy. Students from Drake Pharmacy will be coming to campus to discuss their profession as well as bringing some fun hands on activities. They will be emulating common diseases that pharmacists see. Students will have a chance to ‘live’ these diseases and see the hardships that come along with each one. There will also be a compounding station for students to make their own mouthwash. Compounding a solution just as pharmacists do on a regular basis.

March 11

Simulation Labs:  Des Moines University utilizes a number of high-tech simulation labs to help train our students to become highly competent and skilled healthcare providers.  At this meeting current students from Des Moines University will be demonstrating  our Standardized Patient Assessment Lab (SPAL) and the Simulation Center.  SPAL is a lab designed to mimic a clinic to allow our students to practice clinic skills in a no-harm setting.  The Simulation Center uses advanced patient simulation models to demonstrate emergency room and delivery scenarios.

March 25

Meeting Cancelled

April 8

Surgery and Suturing:  We will be visiting DMU’s Surgery Lab and learning how to suture using pig’s feet. DMU’s surgery lab allows students to learn about and practice surgical techniques in operating rooms that mirror what they will experience as physicians. For our meeting on the 8th, current DMU students will be leading demonstrations about suturing and teaching exploring post members various suturing techniques.

April 22

Chiropractic:  For our final exploring post meeting of the year, Dr. Aaron Giddings, a local chiropractor will be presenting on the profession of chiropractic care.