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Genetics Club officers

ACMG-SIG officers and Dr. Rod Philp

Medical genetics involves the diagnosis, treatment and management of hereditary diseases and conditions.  Genetic research has led to technological advancements for medical treatments as well as for disease associations of certain genes, such as for diabetes and cancer.  Staying current on medical genetic advancements and research is beneficial for any physician or healthcare professional that wants to provide the most up-to-date and effective treatment for their patients.

Des Moines University has a myriad of clubs and organizations for students to join, but the ACMG SIG is the first of its kind.  DMU is the first D.O., first D.P.M., and third PA school to be accredited by the American College of Medical Genetics. The ACMG SIG encourages interprofessional education by allowing any student with an interest in genetics, regardless of their chosen field, to join and participate in the club.

Our students realize how important it is to be aware of all the revolutionary techniques and research in the field of genetics.  Students involved in ACMG SIG have the opportunity to attend several presentations on the most common genetic diseases seen in the field, attend genetics ground rounds, and become familiar with ever important board questions.  All these components combined make DMU a front runner in medical education and provide students with an edge when looking for residencies.

It is the goal of the ACMG chapter at DMU to provide students and staff, along with local physicians and residents, with comprehensive medical genetics education to better serve and advocate for the health of our community.

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

“Understanding the changes in the field of genetics is increasingly important in health care”, notes Michael Flood, D.O.’77, DMU’s chair of human patient simulation who has been supportive of the genetics student interest group since its original conception.

“Genetics and genomics are on the cutting edge of clinical medicine,” he says. “In the very near future, all physicians will need to have a strong working knowledge in these areas in order to provide optimal care to their patients.”